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Wellness & Reablement Programs

clock21st October 2016


Heart Foundation Heartmoves is a gentle physical activity program suitable for anyone who hasn’t done any exercise in a while. You can exercise at your own pace in a friendly atmosphere. Heartmoves is open to everyone and is designed to be safe for people with stable long term health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or obesity. Heartmoves programs can be held in a pool, a gym or as a group exercise.

Objectives of program:

Lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol control

Manage weight

Improve wellbeing, quality of life and sleep

Manage diabetes

Improve balance and flexibility

Improve bone mineral density with arthritis management

Prevent falls and injuries from falls

To discuss cost, clearance and transport options please call the office on 07 5527 8011

Lungs in Action

Lungs In Action is an initiative of Lung Foundation Australia. Lungs In Action is an exercise maintenance program designed for people with stable chronic lung conditions who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Lungs in Action is also extended to include graduates of heart failure rehabilitation program for people with stable NYHA class II and NYHA class III (Heart failure).

Objectives of the program:

To reduce hospital admissions

To improve quality of life

To maintain strength and endurance of the lungs and heart in a supervised environment

Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai Chi that is evidence based, customised, safe and targeted Tai Chi intervention program for improving health, reducing the risk of falls and preventing falls. The program allows participants with mobility and balance issues to participate seated if required.

Objectives of program:

Improve and maintain muscle strength

Improve and maintain mobility, coordination and dynamic balance

Improve the body’s ability to adjust to directional change

Improve blood circulation and blood pressure

Reduce stress, increase confidence and overcome anxiety and fear of falling

Light Pace Aqua

This is a low intensity exercise class held in warm water or a hydrotherapy pool (appox. 34 degrees Celsius). Led by a fitness instructor, this is an enjoyable class designed for older adults, people with stable health conditions or those that haven’t exercised for a while.

Objectives of program:

Reduce pain

Improve and maintain strength, flexibility and joint mobility

Relax tense and sore muscles

Improve and maintain balance

Lower stress and have fun

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