Health & Well-being

Active Living

Helping you maintain an active social life for happiness and health

Social support

At CÜRA, we know that active living contributes greatly to feeling happy and healthy, every day. Our range of social support services are available to help you maintain an active social life through home visits and outings. 

This may include – shopping, walks, coffee catch ups, visiting the theatre or cinema and assistance with accessing social groups and recreational activities.

Wellness Outings

We offer a monthly calendar of customised group activities and outings that include transport to and from your home, a delicious light meal, activities and information.

CÜRA CAFÉ - Information Sessions

Our range of interactive information sessions focus on healthy lifestyles, through our CÜRA CAFÉ. Topics include exercising safely, future planning, knowing your rights and nutrition for energy. These information session are delivered by professional facilitators.

If you are feeling lonely, isolated and not sure how to get involved in social activities, call us to find out more.

Download a copy of our CÜRA ACTIVE LIVING brochure for more information.

Wellness programs

Helping you to live a life you love!

At CÜRA, we care about being active, enjoying and living life to the full. We support your lifestyle by offering a range of wellness programs to ensure you can live a life you love!

Our Wellness Centre and programs provide activities to help you stay healthy, fit and active as well as providing a social outlet for like-minded people. At CÜRA, we are people-focused. We are focused on your individual needs, your cultural background and your lifestyle.

Our range of CÜRA Wellness Programs focus on health and vitality. They include:

  • Tai Chi for Seniors 
  • Lungs in Action