Customer FAQ's

Customer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Consumer Directed Care Packages

Aged Care Packages

Can I self-manage and save case management fees?
Yes, depending of which level of control or involvement you choose to manage your package.  Ask about CÜRA‘s “Expert Self-Management Program” when we first visit.

How much do you charge for case management?
Depending on the package level and the level of customer control there are different percentages. Examples of percentages are in our budget spreadsheet.  Our Care Advisor can show you on the budget spreadsheet when we first visit.

Are there different levels?
Yes, the level of consumer involvement and control may vary. This could range from a high level of involvement, particularly in areas such as care coordination, to very little or no active involvement.Aged Care Package care levels are allocated 1 2 3 and 4 with supplements for different conditions e.g. Dementia

How much time or help can I expect per week?
This will depend on the Age Care Package you have been assessed for and what you would like to include in the package.  CÜRA also offers private services to top up your package and other funded programs that may be able to top up the package.

Does my subsidy accumulate? (Go on holiday and come back and have the unused amount to spend)
Yes, any subsidy or care fees paid to CÜRA while you are on leave must be included in the regular statement of income and expenditure provided to you.  Unspent funds will accumulate in your account.

CÜRA services 

How much notice does Dad need to give to cancel an appointment?
Your Dad must provide us with 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation of any services except in and emergency situation.

Does he get that credited back?
He isn’t charged for a service that he doesn’t receive.

Can we have the same person each day to help Mum?
We always try our best to accommodate every customer’s requests and keep the same staff as often as possible.  We suggest your Mum would have a small team of two to three people who are able to work with her.  This way if a staff member is sick or on holidays, her support can continue without interruption.

Minimum time they will come to help 15 or 30 minutes etc
15 minutes minimum.

Earliest and latest time in the day?
CÜRA is flexible with this. We work around what you require.

Do you charge travel time (to come and see Dad from last job).  If so, how much?
Expenses such as travel time have been considered in CÜRA charge out rates  for services.  We don’t charge any additional fees for travel time.  

Does the same person do the work i.e. personal care and clean house or do you send separate people?
It can be the same person but it depends on the service request as it may require speciality staff. CÜRA have subcontractors that specialise in different service request such as home maintenance, gardening and hairdressing.  Our subcontractors must meet our compliance guidelines before we send them to you.  In some instances when specific training is needed, i.e. Oxygen requirement:  we would allocate a staff member who is trained then facilitate the training for your regular workers.

Any services you won’t provide (help washing, soiled pants etc)?
Personal care is part of our services – CÜRA has Registered Nurses on staff for continence advice and where needed specialist and allied health professionals are called upon to advise.

What is defined as cleaning and what isn't?
With all new customer service plans, our Care Advisors discuss your service needs.  Our Care Workers are able to do your domestic assistance.  If our staff are unable to provide a specific service, CÜRA have contractors who are able to do these services.  

Will you pick up shopping or run errands?
Yes CÜRA staff can either take you shopping or you can have a Care Worker do your shopping and errands for you.

Will you pay Dad’s bills?
Yes, if required as part of the service plan, your Care Advisor will advise and document all necessary procedures to ensure your security and our staff safety in regard to bill paying prior to commencing services.  

Physical assistance with lifting and helping Dad?
We value the safety of all of our customers and staff and would recommend an OT assessment to determine specific needs, equipment or training if your Dad’s care requires physical lifting . 

Provide any in home medical treatments?
Nursing services can provide medication management, injections, and health checks and wound dressings as required.

Organisation and staff members

How long has CÜRA been established?

MCCGC – was incorporated in 1986 and is celebrating 30 years of services to the community this year.  In 2014 MCCGC established CÜRA which provides Healthy Living, Active Aging and In Home Services across the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay region of Queensland.  

How many people do CÜRA help like Dad?
CÜRA is an Approved Provider of services under the Commonwealth Dept. of Health and provides a full range of Aged Care Packages and Commonwealth Home Support services, including Dementia Respite Services for Carers and Seniors Social Programs funded programs from QLD Government.   CÜRA also provides private in home and social support services, meals and transport.  CÜRA supports many hundreds of people from all walks of life wishing to remain living in the comfort of their homes.

Are they a Non for profit?
Yes, we are a non-profit organisation.

Do they have a religious affiliation?
We are proud to be a multicultural organisation and support people of many cultures and beliefs.

Is Dad locked in to using you or can he change providers?
Packages are portable and will be allocated to a person instead of an organisation from February 2017, which will mean the package will travel with the person in the future.

What happens if Dad moves house - Is there a geographic area you service?
Yes, we service the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay region at this stage.  If we are unable to service that geographic region, we will assist your Dad in finding another suitable provider.

How many staff do you have?
We have a number of staff, subcontractors and volunteers that make up our services across the regions.  80% of our current staff are bilingual and all care staff have a minimum of Certificate 111 Aged Community Care, National Police Certification and meet all quality and government regulation and guidelines.  

What happens if a staff member is sick (Do you keep the appointment with another person)?
Your appointment is scheduled with another worker, however you are given a courtesy call to inform of the change to the usual service and if you would like to reschedule with your regular staff member or maintain your appointment.

What is your complaints policy if Mum is not happy and wants to change providers, how does she do this?
Your Mum should first discuss her concerns with a CÜRA representative or fill out a“Tell Us What You Think” form, which is in her “CÜRA In Home Folder”.  It may be something that can be resolved easily with our internal complaint handling process. The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner provides a free service for anyone to raise their concerns about the quality of care or services being delivered to people receiving aged care services funded by the Australian Government.

Are we dealing with one business or does your business contract out - gardening, car washing etc?
CÜRA has Service Agreements with subcontractors who meet all Government compliance obligations they provide services such as gardening, physio, OT and other aged care services.

How do we track spending/invoices and entitlements?
We work together on your annual budget taking into account your personal situation.  All services are recorded and a monthly statement will be issued.  Statements are sent out on a monthly basis or as requested. 

What hours can Dad call to talk to a person (Is there a charge for this)?
Our office hours are from 7am to 5pm.  He is most welcome to call and speak to one of our staff.  There is no extra charge for this as it is included in the Case Management fee. If you are on a package with CÜRA you are offered 24 hour call service as well as weekends and public holidays.

What checks do you do on your staff?
Our staff all have minimum qualifications in Aged Care or Home and Community Care and are required to have a National Police Check, First Aid and CPR.  Staff sign off on a Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement upon commencing their employment with CÜRA.

Do they wear a uniform?
Staff wear a company uniform and ID badge.   CÜRA staff are always neat and tidy in their dress.  Please ask to look at a staff member’s ID badge  before opening your door to anyone saying they are from CÜRA.

 How long have they worked in the industry?
This varies greatly for each staff member.  The majority of staff have been employed with CÜRA between 2 and 10 years.  We have a comprehensive orientation process for all staff when they start at CÜRA and provide ongoing training to ensure that all of our staff have the opportunity for continuous professional development.

What insurances do your staff have if they break Dad’s stuff or injure him?
We are completely insured against damage and injury.

What if Dad doesn't like the person that comes around (personality conflict)?
At CÜRA we understand that not everyone is suited and we pride ourselves with matching staff to individual requirements, early notification helps solve many of the minor challenges and we are able to change staff around if there is a personality conflict.

Average age of Care Worker?
Our staff range in age from just over 30 years to nearly 70 years of age.  We pride ourselves in finding the right staff for our individual customer’s needs; all staff are ambassadors for our organisation and uphold CÜRA s mission, vision and values.  

We have both male and female staff.

Is it up to the individual staff member what they will and won't do?
All staff members will be following the Customer Service Plan which you have developed with your Care Advisor.   

Do you provide cleaning supplies and chemicals, vacuum cleaner etc?
We value the safety of our customers and staff and have guidelines and policies all staff follows in regard to cleaning supplies and chemicals.  A risk assessment is completed by the Care Advisor prior to services commencing.   Staff will use the cleaning products and equipment on site and a preferred list of supplies and equipment is provided to customers upon commencement.

If you take Dad to the shops is it in your car, is that a safe reliable company car or a personal car?
Our policy is to use company cars whenever possible, if staff use their personal cars they have provided CÜRA with registration and insurance details.


Establishment Fee (Once Off)?
We do have a one off establishment fee for customers who commence a medium to high customer control Home Care Package.  This fee provides customers with up to 12 hours of training in Expert Self Management and is incrementally charged to the package over the first 12 months. 

Are prices inclusive of GST?
Some services need to be charged GST such as services delivered by subcontractors and is included in the cost entered in the quote.  

Contingency Fund (accumulates for emergency)?
We recommend that you have a percentage of your total funds available put towards contingency (which accumulates and is shown on your monthly statement).  Contingency is about keeping some money aside for emergency use e.g. extra hours of care after a hospital stay.  Contingency percentages are negotiable to ensure that you are receiving the level of care you require today.