Aged Care Packages

Aged Care Packages

Consumer Directed Care

At CÜRA, you have complete choice and control over the services you need and want.

We offer a diverse range of in-home services, active living and well-being programs, with a professional staff of carers who together speak more than thirty languages. At CÜRA, we are people-focused; we are focused on your individual needs, your cultural background and your lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide you with a tailored package that suits your needs now and into the future. This is what we refer to as a Consumer Directed Care Program. This means that you, the consumer, direct which care services you require both now and in line with your changing needs.

Our Consumer Directed Care Program involves three steps:

1. Getting to know you

We start with a conversation. A member of our team will visit you to discuss your current needs, your future needs and your expectations of our services. What types of services are you looking for? How do you wish the service to be delivered?  Are you aware of the full suite of services we provide? What are your expectations of our services?

Whether you are on a pension or are self-funded, we will design a care package to suit. Before beginning our conversation, you will need to have an ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment. Self-funded customers will require an additional assessment.

This is all about us getting to know you and you getting to know us.

2. Setting a plan for you

After getting to know you and finding out about your needs and expectations, we will tailor a package of services that suit your lifestyle and budget. This is your personal journey, your own road map for the future and you have both choice and control.

We will create a unique plan to satisfy your current requirements and take into account your future changing needs, in line with your budget.

This is all about us working in partnership with you to tailor services to suit your lifestyle.

3. Delivering your tailored service

Once you have agreed to your tailored package, we will arrange delivery of the services. We will monitor and provide you with ongoing reviews to ensure your package continues to suit your needs. If your needs change, your services are reassessed and revised.

This is all about you receiving the right care at the right time.

Make a change for the better

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