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Maree & Brian's Story 
"Choosing CÜRA as our Home Care Provider for my father, Brian, was one of the best decisions I have made. Dad’s CÜRA case manager has been the stability we all needed; she helped us organise and coordinate a new routine for Dad that’s personalised to his needs and allows him to stay at home comfortably. Her empathy, care and experience in organising his care 7 days a week is brilliant. Dad has a Home Care Worker coming in to say hello and help him out every day."

"Dad is 87 years old and worked right up until he was 70 with the support of our wonderful mother behind him. Things took a turn 6 years ago when my mother passed away unexpectedly from cancer, leaving Dad on his own with a myriad of medical problems. It was a big shock for our family, but most of all for him. After living for over 50 years with my mother looking after him so well, it was a very daunting experience (for all concerned) for him to live on his own."

"Dad wants to stay independent in his home for as long as he can, and the first couple of years he just barely managed. We have a large family but few of us live within close proximity to Dad and we found it very difficult when he was sick or having troubles with daily life tasks. We struggled to provide the level of support he needed and were constantly stressed. Things only got harder with the COVID lockdown. We knew we needed a trustworthy provider to help Dad stay comfortable at home and monitor his medical conditions. We had a not-so-good first experience with another provider and we were so grateful to get support from CÜRA."

"Dad has a strong personality and can be a challenge, but the CÜRA team are full of kindness, care and concern for him and have formed a great team of support around him. CÜRA Home Care Workers help Dad with everything from medical appointments and domestic care, to shopping and outings. His daily routine and wellbeing have taken a turn for the better and we are now at the stage where Dad has his life going along nicely with great support and care coming to him. We can call CÜRA any time to check in on Dad’s daily program and if he gets sick or needs urgent help, they are available to offer advice and help organise support. They also keep in regular contact with our family through email and phone."

"It’s not easy having your old dad wanting to live on his own, but CÜRA managing his Home Care Package has made a big difference to all our lives and we appreciate their support. Even from 600km away, I feel assured that the best interests of my father are being taken care of every day by a dedicated and compassionate team."

- Maree Brooks 

Thank you to one of Brian's Home Care Workers ,Shaun Levings (@shaunlevings), for the beautiful photo 

Dot (left) with Robin (right) her trusted CÜRA Home Care Worker

Kevin & Dot's Story 
"We highly recommend CÜRA as a Home Care Provider. We had a very unfortunate time with our first provider and after careful consideration we joined CÜRA and have had a wonderful relationship with them for the past 2 years. The greatest bliss for us has been the fact that we have one continuous carer, Robin, who is trustworthy and so caring of Dot. "

"I have been on crutches for 2 years and suffer skeletal problems and Dot has breast cancer that has now become bone cancer. Our journey with CÜRA  all started with a visit from Josh, our Senior Care Advisor, who laid out what CÜRA could do for us and the benefits that were available. We then met Renae, who is our Area Manager, and an absolute gem. Her knowledge of Home Care Packages is amazing and she has been able to advise Dot on various aspects of her care. Robin, our Home Care Worker now comes in once a week to clean our house and she is a perfectionist who always does an amazing job. We are so pleased with the fact that Robin's visits are always on time, which not only gives us peace of mind but indicates the sign of a good organisation. We have found CÜRA to be correct with all paperwork, they answer all queries quickly and keep us informed of any changes that are happening. We highly recommend CÜRA as a highly organised and reputable organisation".

- Kevin (Maroochydore)